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Friday, December 07, 2012

Eye and back update

Good morning.
Well, what a week it has been! And it's only Friday!
Okay, eye update......
As in my previous post, my injury occurred on Tuesday. Wednesday afternoon, at work, I started experiencing flashes of light around the edge of my eyesight. I though maybe it was from using drops to keep my eye dilated that was causing them. They seemed to come and go through the late afternoon/evening. On the way home, I had another series of them, and again the next morning. Checking online, I read that they could be symptoms of retina detachment that the doctor had told me to watch for. When I got to work, they seemed to subside, but I decided to call the doctors office, and see if I should do anything. I gave the nurse the description, area of sight and timeline and she said she'd relay the info to the doctor and get back with me. I was working on customers for a couple of hours when she called back. My doctor wasn't in that day, but the medical staff felt I should be seen, and they had an appointment with a retina specialist for 12:45. I had enough time to do another customer then called and cancelled the next several ones and headed to the doctor's office. I cancelled appointments up until 3pm. Figured I'd be back by then. Upon further examination, it was discovered some vitreous gel had pulled away from the lining, causing a small tear. Check the link for a better explanation. Good news, is it hadn't detached yet. He decided the best course of action was to laser it to seal it in place so it could heal properly. And he was able to do it then. It was already 2:15 by that stage, so I called work so they could cancel a few more appointments. The doctor said 30 minutes after the laser, I could drive.
He did his thing, I awaited for the vision to return to normal, and headed back to work and was able to finish the day.
I now have a 2 week appointment for a follow up visit. There's a 1 in 20 chance it may still detach so I'm under orders to not do any jogging, weight lifting or any type of activity that could jar or shake my head. Guess I get to be a slug for a couple of weeks.  :-)
And now, the back update.....
I've been going to the chiro for almost 3 weeks now, and have still been waking up with a tight stiff sore back. The chiro on Monday said after 2 weeks, my spine should be staying in place. He though it was the muscle now causing the problems. It's the same muscle I had a spasm in way back when this whole thing started, and the same muscle I pulled a week before physical therapy. My chiro said he thought that the muscle wasn't healing, and so every night it's tensing all up and pulling on my spine. He suggested I try Magnesium supplements. He said magnesium is vital to muscle health, and although most people get enough in their diets, with all the problems I've had with that muscle, I may have depleted my bodies store and may now be deficient. So I went out, got a bottle, and would you believe, the last 2 nights I awoke in the morning with a greatly reduced stiffness and soreness.
So although it was originally a spine issue, it became a muscle issue also. So although the physical therapy greatly helped the muscle issue, it didn't solve my problem because of  the spine issue. Now that the spine is right, I can now get the muscle right. I have to hand it to the chiro for suggesting the magnesium. And even though there is magnesium in almost every food, I discovered I was not eating any of the foods high in magnesium.
Okay, I've rambled on long enough. Time for work, and it's going to be a very busy last 2 days, thanks to having to move people from yesterday.
Have a great weekend!

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