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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Links restored

Good morning.
Thanks to a dreary, cloudy, cold wet day yesterday, I got around to replacing the links in my side bar, "all about me".
I'm using Photobucket for the links now, and I like their new "stories" style albums.
Anyway, with that done, I also tried and tried to get a ringtone from my puter to Craig's cell phone. I did manage to e-mail his phone, but the attachment wouldn't show.  Then I went to Myxer, to see if I could download from there. I tried, but Myxer said it was unable to connect to that phone. Basically, his phone is too old.  :-)

It is a Motorola 377g. Started selling in June of 2008.
He says he's keeping it. Doesn't need a new one. It works just fine. Just wished he could get a different ring tone.
Now my phone is an LG800. It's a touch phone. Way newer than Craig's, but old compared to current technology. It was first produced in June of 2011.

With the bigger screen, I can surf the internet when we're on our RV trips. It's still a Tracfone, so it's still costing me less than $10 a month.
Some day I'll get a smart phone, but right now, don't see a need for one.  :-)
I'll probably upgrade if/when Tracfone comes out with one.
So, with that, time to enjoy my last day off.
Oh, at my chiro appointment yesterday morning, he agreed I should up my Magnesium, so I'll do that and see if my back does better. I'll let you know.  :-)

1 comment:

  1. Hubby takes magnesium too. How much are you taking?
    Have a great week!