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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Back to work post

Good morning.
Another weekend over, and a busy week ahead at work. With just 2 weeks before Christmas, it'll be very busy.
Craig finally got the ringtone for his phone he wanted. He went to Tracfone's website, and was able to get it there for a fee of 15 minutes. Since he has over 5000, he had plenty to spare.  :-)
And what ringtone would it be that he spent so much time pursuing?
Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. If you don't know it, go to YouTube, and do a search.
I got the cleaning bug yesterday, and went all out on the bathroom. I didn't stop with the toilet, tub, shower and floor, I went through the cabinets, under the sink, I did it all! Now if it would just stay like that.   :-)
And with what Craig thought was to be a very boring Chicken dinner, we went online and ordered pizza and wings. I know, we were bad.  }:-)
And ordering online is way to easy. A few clicks, and it was on it's way. Hope it doesn't become a bad habit.  :-)
So overall, a low key weekend, and now, back to work.


  1. That sounds like a bargain for his ringtone for sure.

    We used to enjoy ordering pizza, too. Now if we want it, we have to go get it. ;o)
    Happy Thursday!