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Monday, December 31, 2012

my last post

Good morning.
The work week ended fairly busy, and we had a relaxing Saturday afternoon.
Had veggie burgers Saturday, and Craig fixed a nice pork roast on Sunday. I checked the water levels in the mo-ho house batteries, and ran the generator.  Also picked up branches in the yard, and now that we have a constant snow cover, set rabbit traps in the back yard. Today is actually suppose to get above freezing, so I plan to check the perimeter of the yard, to find where the rabbit/s are getting in.
Today, being New Years Eve, we are having our annual New Years Eve pig out. We'll go to the store today, and get some delicious, terrible for you, goodies, that we'll graze on the entire afternoon/evening, while we watch movies and TV shows that I've downloaded from the internet and burned to DVDs.
And that's it for my last post of 2012.
Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Wayne,
    Wishing you a most wonderful and glorious New Year. – gary

  2. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Happy New Year to you too Wayne and Craig!


  3. Thanks for reminding me to check the trailer battery!

    Thanks for the good wishes, Wayne. Happy New Year to you both also!

  4. Happy New Year :)

  5. Best of new years to you both!

  6. Hope you and Craig have a great year ahead!