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Monday, January 14, 2013

1099's and a pork stir-fry

Good morning.
Our very brief spring like weather is gone. I awoke to 22 out and about an inch of snow.
Yesterday was a dreary drizzly day, as the temps hovered around 36 for most of the day. By late afternoon, it had turned to snow.  I suspect a lot of icy streets out there this morning unless the salt trucks got out during the night. We'll see.
I managed to do some house cleaning yesterday, while Craig continues on the year-end stuff. He finished the 1099's we have to give to each of the staff, and today, he's going to do the one's the staff has to give us. I know, "isn't that the staffs job"?  Well, yes, but Craig has all the totals, and by him doing them, he knows the figures are right. And the staff appreciates it also, since they don't have to go through their books and calculate the figures, and fill out the forms.
So some of you might ask, what's a 1099?
Well, if you pay anyone $600 or more during a calendar year, you must file a form 1099. One part goes to the person you paid, and the other, mailed to the government. Just another way the government makes sure you report all your income and pay your fair share of taxes.
The staff pays us rent during the year, so that's why they have to give us a 1099. We pay them retail commissions, and Visa/MasterCard  reimbursements, so that's why we have to give them a 1099.
I didn't get around to making the wings yet, maybe today.
I spent a good amount of time researching possible trips. I think our next trip is going to be into the Upper Peninsula. It will be July, so it should be warm up there by then.  :-)
And for dinner, Craig made a tasty stir-fry.
Sliced boneless pork cutlets with red and yellow peppers, onion, mushrooms, and snap peas, with a side of wild rice.
And a tasty marinade he mixed with a little cornstarch for thickening.
And, enough for leftovers!
Now time to get going...


  1. Anonymous9:28 AM

    In the UP, Copper Harbor is a nice place to visit at the very tip of lands end. There is also a nice state park outside of the quaint town and a fort to visit. I had the best trout there in town. Also light houses to visit along the coast line. You may need some extra travel time though.
    Gene in Ohio

  2. I haven't started our taxes. Dreading them this year.
    Enjoy your weekend. Wet and cold here.

  3. Taxes! Soon I'll be in a job that reviews taxes for loan purposes. Oy.

  4. Anonymous1:56 AM

    Your Pork Stir Fry recipe looks delicious. I will try to cook this on Sunday for my visitors. So that they can try my special recipe. Thank you so much for sharing this one.