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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

yearly maintenance

Good morning.
Yesterday was another productive day.
I got the cleaning bug.  :-)
Worked mostly in the kitchen. The microwave, toaster oven, walls, floors, I went at it.
Then, while Craig finished up the 1099's, I did my yearly cleaning on the puters.
I do this every January, and you should too!
My computer wasn't bad, but then, my is fairly new.
Now Craig's on the other hand....
Look how dusty the fins are behind the fan. Left like that, it's a recipe for overheating and early failure. And it easy to avoid. A can of compressed air is all it takes to get rid of the dust. And they are making it easier. 2-3 screws and the sides pop right off.
So now that's done for another year.  :-)
And for dinner, we had ham steaks with mashed potatoes and a new twist on cauliflower.
Smokey cauliflower.
It was very good!
And we've decided on 4 more weekend destinations for this summer. So now, just 2-3 more to decide on.
But right now, time to get the day going.

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