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Monday, January 07, 2013

Craig's birthday trip

Good morning.
We've just returned from a little birthday trip for Craig.
We left yesterday morning for Battle Creek, about 45 miles from Lansing, and the Brand New FireKeepers Hotel.
It opened on Dec 12th.
Somehow, even though we booked a 'regular' room, we ended up with this ginormous corner room....
Craig, and outside, a view of a snowy interstate 94.
It was nearly twice as large as other room on the same floor that we sneaked a peak at when they were being cleaned. And floor to ceiling windows on 2 sides.

One thing I couldn't find was the hotel guide telling how to use the wi-fi and where the ice machine was.
I discovered, it's all on the TV now. Menus galore!
I love the big walk-in showers they are putting in the newer hotels.
Wish I could get that in my little 5x8 bathroom.   :-)
Heck, the entire bathroom was about as big as my kitchen!

Anyway, we arrived in Battle Creek around noon, and had Craig's birthday lunch at Chili's. Got to the hotel around 1pm and into our room. Relaxed a bit and then went down to the casino, where we ended up spending way more time than planned. Didn't get back to the room until almost 10pm. But we were having a really good time. Came back to the room with nearly twice the money we brought to gamble with.   :-)
Ordered a little room service, watched a little TV, and called it a day.
Got up this morning, checked out through the TV, left the keys in the room, and arrived back in Lansing.
A very nice birthday trip.


  1. Wow. Great room. Congratulations on winning, too! Have a great week!

  2. Happy Birthday Craig!! WOOHOO! You boys came out winners! And that room is very cool!

  3. That is a very nice room. I love the vanity. I'd like to put one in my master like that one. Glad you had a safe trip and went home winners.