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Sunday, January 06, 2013

another weekend.

Good morning.
I've just returned from cleaning the Salon. As usual.
Made it through another work week.  And, with no drama.  :-)
We've been holding steady temps this week, right below freezing. A light snow cover on the ground with a little more last night.
Placed another Salon supply order online after work yesterday.
On my back....
It's coming along. Sleeping very well through the night. Just a little stiff and achy in the morning. I still have one area of my spine that's not staying put. But the chiro is working on it, and now that I'm able to get into a regular schedule with him, I expect to continue to improve.
And I want to thank the few people who remembered, and wished Craig a happy birthday last Thursday.
Yes, he's officially retirement age, 62. But he's going to delay taking early SS, as we're not able to retire quite yet, since I'm so much younger.   :-)
Anyway,  time for my shower and get Craig up.

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  1. You have a great week and stay warm!