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Monday, January 28, 2013

mmmmmm meatloaf

Good morning.Well, the work week ended fairly busy, and the bitter cold has eased for a bit.
It snowed yesterday evening, with about 3 inches of new stuff. Then, it turned to freezing rain as the temps began to rise during the night. This morning, it's raining and 34 out, heading into the low 40's. Tomorrow's temps are forecast into the low 50's before dropping back into the teens by the weekend.
With a mild 31 out yesterday, I decided to do a check of the mo-ho house batteries. While I had the keys, I also checked the inside. Surprised to find 2 dead mice! Besides bait, I set several mouse traps with peanut butter. That's what got both of them. I reset the traps, and will look again today and tomorrow to make sure there's no others.  We don't ever get mice in the winter, so this is a puzzler. I even have mothballs around the tires. Thank goodness I do a multi-prong defense.
Also Sunday I did some housecleaning and started a puzzle. Craig made a tasty meatloaf for dinner and leftovers.
He used lean Italian sausage and extra lean ground beef. He added shredded carrots and onions to the meat, and a fat free cheese and spinach center. Served with baked acorn squash and scalloped potatoes.
And that's all I got for now....


  1. Mmmmmmm I've used his meatloaf recipe since you first posted it on the other blog. It's been a favorite at my house with friends ever since. :0)

  2. The meatloaf looks good! Been a while since I made one.
    Enjoy your weekend!