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Friday, February 01, 2013

busy week

Good morning.
It's been a very busy week in the Salon, with me working late Wed. and Thur. and looking to be late today and tomorrow. And I'm even coming in on my day off next Tuesday.
Hate to turn away money!  :-)
Our 50 degree Tuesday, went back to 22 yesterday, with wind chills near 0.  brrr. Crazy weather.
I started a puzzle on Sunday, and finished it Wed. evening.
It was pretty easy.
And what's with the gas prices?
Last Saturday, it was $3.33. Tuesday, it jumped to $3.59. Yesterday, another jump to $3.75.
 .42 in one week! It's mind boggling how fast it can go up, and how slow it goes down.  :-\
Anyway, with nothing more to say, I'm off for another busy work day.


  1. They have switched to summer blend gas. So not only do we have to pay more, we will probably get worse gas mileage too.

    Nice puzzle! Can't wait until I can set up a puzzle table. :o)

  2. I just finished the hardest puzzle I've ever attempted. It took me weeks and there was one piece missing when I finished!