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Monday, February 04, 2013

Monday post

Good morning.
I've just returned form cleaning the Salon.
I know, it's Monday, not Sunday, but with it snowing a little, just about every day, I have to go in and clean the floors nearly every day, as I did on Saturday. Well, Saturday was dry enough that the floors didn't look bad after work. And with snow expected overnight, I decided not to clean on Sunday, in case someone decided to work on Sunday, and get the floors all messed up. So waiting until this morning, I didn't have to go in twice.  :-)
I just had to make sure I was done by 7:30, since that's the earliest time I've seen anyone work.
Craig fixed the 3rd of our 4 turkeys yesterday, and I did some cleaning around the house. I also started another puzzle. This ones a bit harder as there is a lot of greenery in it, so will probably take a couple weeks to finish.
And with that, time to get Craig going and do our usual Monday running around.

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  1. Enjoy your weekend. Be careful and have a great week!