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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

puzzles, wings, cars and campgrounds

Good morning.
Surprisingly, I finished the second puzzle in just 3 days. Guess it wasn't as hard as it looked.  :-)

And if you look closely at the sky, we had one piece that was missing. We looked all over and didn't find it. That's the first time in ages we didn't have all the pieces.
We had to take in Craig's 98 Honda Accord. He doesn't drive it in the winter, but starts it up every few weeks to keep the battery charged.
A year ago, he had a problem with the battery not holding a charge. Took it to our mechanic, and long story short, put in a new battery. Well, it didn't start 2 weeks ago. I put the charger on it and was able to get enough charge to get it started. Craig took it out and drove on the highway to get a good charge built up. One week later, he goes to start the car, and dead again! So he decides to take it in. Our original mechanic is no longer in business, so we took it to Northside Service where I take the mo-ho. They check everything, and say it's a bad battery. The alternator is putting out a normal charge, and there's no phantom draw on the battery. I say it only 1 year old. They say then take it back to the person who originally put it in because it should still be under warranty. I said I couldn't do that because the place I went to was no longer in business.
The sole proprietor committed suicide just after Christmas. Very sad story.
Anyway, we had them put in a new battery, and we'll see if this takes care of the problem.
I also made another batch of wings.
This time, after resting in the fridge, I sprayed them with butter spray before baking, and they turned out perfect! Nice and crispy! I divided them up into freezer bags for snacks when I want them.
We also booked another campground. I need to stay on top of the 6 month window for our weekend trips. The last one I just booked was nearly full already! And that was for August! It's hard to think that far ahead when it's so cold out.
Not much else to tell. It's still cold, still winter.
Now time to get ready for another busy week in the Salon

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  1. They look great again, Wayne. Have a great week!