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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday post

Good morning.
The week ended on a busy note and now I have another weekend.  :-)
I arrived home from work on Friday, to see this....
Snow, thrown from the street plow, nearly reaching the house! It must have thrown it 50 ft! I can't imagine how fast it must have been going to throw it that far.As it is, the speed limit is 55.  I've never seen snow thrown anywhere past the tree in all of the 28 years we've lived here.
Anyway, despite the snow and messy roads, We had just 2 cancellations on Friday, and was able to do them on Saturday. And for some reason, the books are looking very busy for the neat 4 weeks! But I'm not complaining because I have a big birthday coming up this year, and I need a really fun place to celebrate it.  So it's going to cost some money.   :-)
 We finished off Saturday with home made pizza and movie DVDs.
And of course, I've just returned from cleaning the Salon, so now, time for my weekend!

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  1. LOL! So where are you thinking of celebrating?