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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wayne's new toy

Good morning.
The weekend, as usual, zipped right by.
 It was a fairly uneventful weekend with only a couple things to talk about.
First up, Craig's printer.
He was putting his paperwork on the puter and went to print out copies.
The printer acted like it was super tired. It would scroll a line of print, then appear to wait a bit, then another line of print. It would have taken an hour to print the page the speed it was going. So of course, the first thing I thought of was a memory issue. Opened up the task manager, and all seemed fine. Craig thought maybe we should uninstall and reinstall it.I did, and still the same issue. The I did what I should have done in the first place. Goggled it. Sure enough, got to a forum with the same exact issue. They claimed it was a bad print cartridge, most likely the black one. Recommended I remove it and try to print. I did, and still the same issue. So I replaced the black, and took out the color and zoom! Back to normal. So I replaced the color cartridge with a new one, and Craig was back in business. How would have thought a bad ink cartridge would so slow down the printing speed.   :-\
 And the other thing to mention, is I bought a Nexus 7, 32GB tablet.
It's a palm size tablet with a 7in screen. Very highly rated. I got an e-mail from Staples that they had a coupon for $75 off all laptops and tablets. That got the Nexus 7 down to $174.00 A really good buy! Even on e-Bay, the lowest buy it now price was $225. It was just delivered with free shipping yesterday, and I spent a good chunk of the afternoon, checking it out and downloading apps.  This will be nice to take to work instead of my monster 17in laptop.
And with that, time for another busy week in the Salon.


  1. Congratulations!
    Have a great week, Wayne.

  2. Good on you figuring out Craig's issues! That's fun when you can solve an issue like that isn't it? lol And I am super jealous of your Nexus....I miss having "toys". lol