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Sunday, March 24, 2013

good morning

Good morning.
I've just returned from the Salon. No, I didn't clean it. I finally got around to replacing 6 floor tiles that were either cracked or stained. Went quicker than expected. I'll go in early tomorrow morning to clean the Salon.
And here it is, March 24th, and I've done nothing outside. Not for lack of wanting, but for lack of warmth. It's 25 out right now going for a lousy high of 36. We should be averaging 46 by now.  :-\
I guess were getting payback for our ridiculously warm March from last year. We had nearly 3 weeks of 80 last March. W-a-y warmer than normal. Everything budded up too early, and was killed by hard freezes in April. Michigan lost nearly it's entire crops of grapes, cherries, apples and peaches. So I guess all the growers are happy with a late spring this year. Just not me.   :-(
But, on a good note, our Spartans are once again in the sweet sixteen of the basketball tournament. At least we've been having some good games to watch.
And I just booked another camping weekend. This one will take us near Grand Rapids, MI, where we will finally take in the wildly popular Art prize.
 And that's about it for now.

1 comment:

  1. We're looking at some freezing nights ourselves the next three nights.
    I've covered plants as well as I can. We have some tomatoes flowering already.
    Hope you get some warmer temps soon!