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Monday, April 01, 2013

it takes all kinds

Good morning.
It was a nice spring like day yesterday. Temps hovered around 50.   :-)
I got some more work done in the yard. Cut back some more shrubs, (summer flowering, not spring flowering) and cleaned out another flower bed.
Temps today and tomorrow are back in the high 30's, but later in the week, back near 50.
It ended up being a pretty bus week in the salon.
And speaking of the salon. I've had all kinds of customers over the years. Customers who are always late, those that are always early. Some have had the same style for years, others change hairstyles  often.
I've had a swimmer from the local high school get a checkerboard pattern on his head. I did 'hat hair' for crazy hat day at the school. Here's a pic of that one I ran across.

I've even had a customer ask if I could bleach 'all' her hair. (think about that for a minute) And no, I didn't.
I could go on and on about customers over the years.
But now, I'll tell you about a customer from last Saturday. She comes in every 4 weeks for a color touch-up.
She walks in, asks if I have a microwave for her instant oatmeal. I showed her where it was, and mixed up her color. As I'm trying to apply her color, she mixes up her breakfast. Dumps a package of oatmeal in the bowl, stirs, opens several baggies, and adds cinnamon, orange segments, and blueberries. She then proceeds to eat this, while I'm attempting to get her color on.
She then has to process for 40 minutes. Why she couldn't have done all that while she was processing, I have no idea, except it was obviously all about her, and not at all about me. But I'm use to customers like this, and just go with the flow. After all, they are the ones spending money in my Salon.
This morning, we're taking Craig's car to the dealer. His check engine light has been on for about a week now, and he's checked and rechecked the gas cap. It's probably some stupid sensor.
And with that, time to get going.


  1. Hah. Your comment about Craig's car made me think of Big Bang Theory and Penny's car.
    We're supposed to be near 80 tomorrow.
    Hope your weekend is going well!

    P.S. bus week? ;-)

  2. The hat hair was a trip. .... and ewwww.