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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

ummmm. I love wings!

Good afternoon.
This is what I awoke to this morning....
Spring is sure slow coming this year.  :-(
It got all the way up to 39 today and not as warm yesterday.
So.... needless to say, nothing was done outside.
I did get a lot of cleaning done inside, and Craig made us a delicious meatloaf for Monday.
As you know, he doesn't like his pic taken. Too bad.  :-)

He made a slightly different variation of his cheese stuffed meatloaf, and it, was, good!
I also made a batch of wings Monday and today. Wings were on sale last week, and I bought several bags.
First batch......Apple Whiskey barbecue, and Lemon Pepper. Precooked, and after cooked.
We snacked on the lemon pepper Monday night. it was very good!
Today, I made Hickory Smoked barbecue and Island Mango.

I'm having fun trying different sauces and so far, I've loved them all!

After they cool, I bag them up and freeze them for future snacking.
If I haven't said it before, I LOVE wings!
In other news. It looks to be a busy week in the Salon. I'm going in early tomorrow, before other stylist get there, so I can put Drano down the drains. I need to do that periodically as hair clogs the drains and slows the drainage.
Now Craig's calling me to dinner, so time to go.


  1. Yummy food!
    I should buy a few bags of wings. Yours always look great!
    You guys have a good week!

  2. The wings look great. I'm already hungry!

  3. Mmmmmmm the wings do look good!