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Sunday, April 07, 2013

slow going

Good morning.
Sorry for the lack of posts. Did you miss me? ....Hello?..... Anyone there?  
Anyway, It ended up a very busy week at the salon.
And spring continues to drag it's feet. The pond is mostly melted, but the temps have hovered just over 40. Today, it's rainy and windy with rain expected for the next 5 days.  :-(
I did manage to get out Friday after work and so some more trimming done, and cleaned out another flower bed. 
Saturday evening, Craig made us a big platter of nachos for dinner.
As usual, it was yummy.
And until the weather finally gets warmer so I can do some serious working in the yard, and start getting the mo-ho ready for trips, I've got nothing else to report.
But then again, no news is good news.  :-)


  1. Yes, we're here! Spring seems to be dragging its feet all over the northern hemisphere this year. Ugh! Can't wait for it to get warmer!

  2. Yep I hear you too Wayne! I check for your new posts everyday!


  3. Haha. I thought it was a pizza. Looks like some great nachos.
    After several nights in the 40s, tonight looks to be upper 60s to low 70s.
    Highs in the 80s.
    Won't be long and you'll be wishing for the cooler weather. ;-)
    Enjoy your weekend!