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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Spring has begun......finally

Good morning.
Spring has officially arrived!
I went out during a break in the rain to finally find the Pussy Willows in bloom. 
Only about 4 weeks behind when they normally bloom back in mid-March.  :-\
I cut a bucket full and put some in the house, and the rest will go to the Salon.
I posted a pic of these back on March 29th.  The Hellebore is getting ready to bloom now, and the daffodils that had barely shown above ground, now have blooms extended and will probably bloom by the weekend.
The pond has completely thawed, and with rain projected for the rest of the week, I expect to see the grass starting to green-up.
I made another batch of wings, and now have plenty of snacking size bags of them in the freezer, for when the snacking bug bites.
I also ordered a bike rack.

I have an appointment for next Monday to take in the KIA to have a hitch installed.
Then we'll be able to take our bikes into town and use the cities extensive river trails.
I also ordered Rubber Roof Cleaner and Rubber Roof Treatment  for the mo-ho from Camping World. With an online coupon I found for $10 off any purchase, I got them both, including shipping, for $25.52. A much better buy than $36.38 that a local RV dealer wanted.  :-)
And that's all for now.


  1. Sometimes local dealers will meet online prices. But many times they won't, too.
    Your pussy willows look great, Wayne. Have a wonderful week!

  2. I love the pussy willows too! What an awesome, unique, flower or whatever it is. What is it considered?