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Monday, April 15, 2013

it was a busy week

Good morning.
The work week ended very busy. I ended up working quite late Friday and Saturday, so as a treat, Craig made me a delicious pizza Saturday night.
It was an olive burger pizza. It was yummy!
We've had rain every day since a week ago last Sunday. It was a miserable, dreary, wet week. Good thing I was so busy at work.
Sunday morning, I came home from cleaning the Salon, and when Craig finally got up, it was snowing out.
Fortunately, it changed over to rain as the temps got all the way up to 40.  :-\
And it's forecast to rain pretty much every day this week, although the temps should be in the 50's.
With all the rain, the grass is greening up nicely, and the daffodils look like they're almost ready to bloom.
The weather broke a bit in the afternoon, and we backed the mo-ho out of it's winter parking space, so I can begin the process to get it ready for another season. So far, I checked the slide-outs, the furnace, and the fridge. All working.  :-)
I then replaced all the batteries in everything. And thank god, no evidence of mice.  :-)
We also put together the new bike rack that will go on my Kia, which I'm taking in this morning to have a hitch installed. So now, I better get going.

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  1. Ahhhhh, readying for a new season.... ain't it fun... not!