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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

spring is in the air.....finally

Good morning.We actually had an entire day without rain yesterday. A bit cool, but sunny.
We tried out the new bike rack on the newly installed hitch.
Very easy to get the bikes on and off.
And there are numerous signs of spring....
I don't remember what these are called, but they're tiny and colorful and the first spring bulbs to bloom
You can see how small they are next to a clump of daffodils that are budding up.
And this hole you see near the fountain? It's a rabbits nest in the early stages of construction. We've sat indoors in the TV room watching the rabbit gather nest material and is lining the soon to be used nest.
Once she's ready to give birth, she will clean up the area around the nest, and you won't even know it;s there until baby bunnies come up to explore.
And almost the entire state is under either a flood watch, warning or advisory as they're expecting heavy rain again over the next 3 days starting this afternoon.

And we're still running below normal temps for this time of year. The daffodils should have been in full bloom on the 15th, but look to just start opening this week. So we're still running a couple weeks behind normal.
I also checked the hydraulic jacks on the mo-ho the dump pump and charged up the dump battery. So far, all systems are go for the mo-ho..   :-)
And now time to get going for what is looking to be a busy week in the Salon.


  1. Hope everyone will be okay water wise.
    You're letting a bunny have babies by your gardens?
    Have a safe rest of the week!

  2. Almost all of the trees are all green. I'm loving it.