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Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring c-r-e-e-p-s slowly forward.

Good morning.
It was a busy week in the Salon.
It got all the way up to 39 on Saturday. Our normal high should be 60.  :-\
Sunday reached 48. I did do some yard work and started restocking the mo-ho.
It's suppose to get up to 63 today, before falling back into the 50's later this week. If so, I'll wash the mo-ho.
We've had a very cold March and April. 
At least, yesterday was dry, and today should be also.
We've had 6.7 inches of rain this month so far. Our entire April average is 3.42.
It's suppose to rain again tomorrow.
No daffodil pics yet. They are all laying on the ground after our bitter cold weekend. If milder weather ever stays, they'll perk back up.
I did get a pic of these on Friday....
Dwarf Dutch Iris. Only about 5 inches tall.
 And that's my morning update.


  1. davidz9:12 AM

    Oh, beautiful. I never heard o Dwarf Dutch Iris...I think I must get some!

  2. Blogger is being a brat. >:[

    Anyway, have a great weekend!