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Monday, April 29, 2013

why even bother with a forecast if they're always wrong.

Good morning.
Can you frickin believe it?
Friday morning, the NWS forecast for Sunday was sunny and 69.
By Saturday morning, they changed it to mostly sunny with a 20% chance of rain.
By Sunday morning, it had changed to mostly cloudy with a 50% chance of rain.
Well, it rained nearly all day!
How can someone get paid so well, for basically frickin guessing?
Anyway, after returning home from cleaning the Salon, I spent the early morning making another batch of wings.
Spiced Rum barbecue sauce on the left, and Light Italian dressing on the right.
And since we appear to finally be staying above freezing, I un-winterized the mo-ho.
So as of right now, (knocks on wood) all systems are functioning.   :-)
And since I couldn't work in the yard, I spent a good part of the day restocking the mo-ho. Water, pop, cleaning supplies, kitchen condiments and spices and bathroom supplies. We like to have everything we need in the mo-ho, so on each trip, it's mainly just taking food and clothes.
I did manage to get a few spring pics of the yard.
Some cute little spring flowers that will be done and gone when this space is filled later with hostas.

So spring has finally arrived in mid-Michigan!

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