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Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Good morning.
Well, as usual, the weatherman was completely off on his forecast.
Instead of a sunny weekend, we had rain most of Sunday, and half of Tuesday. But we did talk advantage of what little dry weather we had.
Our April ended with 7.61 inches of rain. Our April average, 3.09. So a very wet cold month.
My daffodils are now in full bloom, nearly 2 weeks behind.
Craig made a tasty chili dish for dinner on Monday.
He took a package of chili hamburger helper, and added beans, onions, diced tomatoes and black olives, and a little shredded fat free cheddar cheese. Very good!
We also managed to do a first mowing of the yard.  Front yard top, back yard bottom.
Nothing is leafing out, but the buds are swelling.
Haven't started weeding the flower beds yet, most of the perennials are just starting to grow, and I need to know what's what before I start pulling.   ;-)
Of course, today they are forecasting the best day of the week, sunny and 80!  And you know what? They'll be right this time, since I'm back to work.  :-\
And with that, time to go....


  1. We were supposed to get rain over the weekend but didn't get it until this evening.
    80 there too seems kind of crazy; but your weather has been that way for awhile, hasn't it?
    Hope your work week goes well!

  2. Gorgeous yard as usual!