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Thursday, May 09, 2013

feels like summer

Good morning.
It's been a beautiful week, temps in the upper 70's and that has allowed everything to burst forth. The shrubs have all leafed out, and the trees are right behind.

We did the second mowing of the yard on Monday, and I divided and transplanted hostas. I also made a batch of lawn weed killer and spot treated the yard. It sure looks nice without yellow dandelions all over the place.   :-)
It's forecast to start cooling off towards the weekend with Sunday only a high of 50 before getting back into the 70's next week.
And it's a busy week in the Salon with Friday being a prom day, so working late that day.
And with that, time to go....


  1. Which weed killer do you use again?
    I think we need some goats, with all the thistles and poison ivy.
    Yard looks great!

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