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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Good morning.
Wow! I didn't realize I haven't posted since last Thursday. Forgive me.  :-)
It was a busy week at work, ending with a couple of prom do's. 
The warm week left us in a hurry, just in time for Mother's day, which hit a high of only 48 with a brisk north wind.  Craig an I went to Muskegon to take my Mom out for Mother's Day lunch at Muskegon's famous Whitlow's. I cut her hair, dida little cleaning and off to lunch we went.
 Joining us for lunch was my brother Bruce, and my brother Brian and his wife Ruth. Mom and I had Perch, and Craig, not liking fish, had a double cheeseburger. All very good. After lunch, we said our goodbyes to the brother's who had other plans for the rest of the day, and took my Mom to the VFW for drinks and pull-tabs. For a change, we actually won a $100! From there, it was a little grocery shopping for Mom, and back to her apartment.We arrived back in Lansing safe and sound.
Monday morning, I let Craig sleep in while I cleaned the Salon, and at 9:30 had my yearly physical. Everything was normal except my Cholesterol which was 245and should be under 200, and my 'bad' cholesterol which was 148 and should be under 130. He wasn't too concerned since my 'good' cholesterol was 81, which is more than twice the recommended higher than 39. Supposedly, the higher you 'good' cholesterol is offsets the 'bad' cholesterol. He wants to recheck that in about 4 months. If it stays high we may need to think about medication.  I'm thinking all those wings I've been eating probably is what did it. Even with boiling and baking, they probably aren't the best thning to eat.   :-)
Anyway, after our usual running around, I got out in the yard, despite the still cold weather. Yesterday only got to 53. But I prepped the newly reduced garden area for grass seed which I'll put down today, and I started weeding the flower beds. That process should go quicker, since I've now taken out the equivalent of a 6 x 30 ft bed between last fall and this spring.  And I may take out more!
And here's a few pics of the yard....

By the front door, a dwarf hosta, Hens and Chicks, and a dwarf ornamental grass.
A late blooming crab apple.
A purple Leafed Sand cherry.
A dwarf Fothergilla.
3 Japanese Maples. Red one, called Bloodgood, green one called Green Fern Leaf.
And this one called red twig.  Because the branches stay red year round.
And that's it for now....

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  1. Your yard is great as always. I don't see how you remember all those names though.
    Glad to hear you and Mom had a good time. Hope your week goes well!