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Monday, June 17, 2013

a little yard work

Good morning.
I was able to get out in the yard yesterday. We had rain during the night, just over 1/2 an inch, but it ended by morning.
It's been a wet spring here in Lansing, as our normal rainfall for the entire month of June is 3.6 inches and we've already received 4.45 inches.
And that's on top of Aprils 7.6 inches of rain compared to a normal April of 3.1 inches
The national weather service is saying we are having or 5th wettest spring on record. I believe it!
Anyway, Craig and I spent the biggest part of the day burning.  I cut some dead branches out of the crab apple, trimmed up bushes and trees, and burned up all the branches from last fall that we couldn't because of last years dry summer. And I've been tackling weeds as the rain sure has made them grow!
This morning, I edged the driveway and sidewalks and swept off the paved paths in the shade garden area. 
And here's a few more yard pics.....
dwarf hostas around the tree,
white Penstrum, Star of Persia, and a little red rose.
Sky blue Siberian Iris.
water lilies in the pond.
dwarf cattails in front, and purple Cranesbil on each side of the waterfall.
pale lavender clematis on the back of the arbor.
Giant hosta, "Blue Angel".
And today, our usual running, and later I'll start prepping the driveway so I can hopefully seal it next week.
Now time to go.   :-)

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