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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

asphalt, gardens and diabeties

Good morning.
It was a very nice weekend.
I edged the front and back sidewalk, and edged the driveway. I also filled the cracks in the driveway, in preparation for sealing hopefully next weekend.
We have an asphalt driveway, that probably should have been replaced a few years ago, but I keep nursing it along, trying to get a few more years out of it. I went through 3 gallons of crack filler, and I probably could have used another one. Yes, my driveway has more cracks than solid surface.   :-)
But when I seal all the cracks and then seal the driveway, it real looks pretty good!
So I'll keep at it.
 Here's the worst part of it. I know, it's pretty bad.
Now this end looks pretty good!
And just wait until I seal the driveway. I'll take a pic, and really, it'll look good!
And also, here's pics of the 3 flower beds I downsized....
There area to the left of the path was all flowers. Now it's a nice border flower bed.
The area behind the house is almost half the width it was.
And this flower bed, if you look closely is about 1/3 thinner.The darker grass is newer grass.
So, I still have all the flower beds, just less of them. And it has really helped with the weeding.
And Craig has been to the doctor yesterday, and has been diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Soooo, that means some dietary changes and lifestyle changes if he wants to stay off medication. I think the doctor got the message across. We'll see how he does.
And it's time to get ready for another work week which is looking busy. And that's good. I've got a mo-ho transmission to pay for!

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