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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

back home safe.....kind of...

Good evening.
Yes, my absence means we've just returned from another RV trip.
Much later than planned.
This trip took us to Hocking Hills State Park in south eastern Ohio.
We made it there safe and back safe.   :-)
The mo-ho didn't make it back.  :-(
He gave it his all, but could only get us to Brighton MI.  About an hour east of Lansing. We had to finish in our Kia.
First, the overdrive went out, then, at a rest stop, I put it in drive, and we just sat there. I put it in 2nd, and it moved, so then I tried drive and it took, so I said, no more stops, let's just get back to Lansing.
It wasn't to be.  I got back on the highway, and could only muster 2nd gear. It wouldn't auto shift to 3rd.  We couldn't drive home on the highway in 2nd, so we pulled off to find a parking lot to call a tow truck. We got to an intersection, and when the light changed, we didn't move. Not in drive, not in 2nd, not in reverse, nothing. We were dead in the intersection.
I called my Good Sam's Road Service, and when they found out I was in traffic, told me to call 911 as they could get a tow truck there quicker.
Long story shorter, our mo-ho sits at Brighton Ford, waiting to see exactly what's wrong. They said they wouldn't be able to get to it for a few days.
I'm not thinking it's going to be good.   :-(
I'm also thinking the $315 tow bill will be cheap, since it sounds like a transmission issue.
I'll keep you informed.


  1. Oh gosh, Wayne. I am so sorry to hear this. :-(

    P.S. I'm not seeing your background.
    I'm on a new-to-me laptop though, so it may be a setting.

  2. Haha. My comment published and I can see your background now. Go figure.

    *hugs* again. ♥

  3. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Sorry to hear of your troubles. Been there (at a traffic light), done that, bought the tee shirt too!
    Have you kept an eye on your transmission fluid? I hope you can find some time to write about Hocking Hills. I am curious as to what you thought about it.
    Gene in Ohio