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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hocking Hills State Park. Trip #3

Good afternoon.
I'm unable to work in the yard, since it's raining today, so I figured it was a good time to do my trip post..
Our 3rd trip of the season took us to the far southeastern reaches of Ohio to Hocking Hills State Park. This is no place for a motor home like ours. Although we did see several other gas mo-hos in the campground, the hills around the park are steep and very curvy. I didn't think we were going to make it up the last hill before reaching the campground. Even the campground was a hill climber, as it sits atop a ridge.
But we arrived, got set up, and enjoyed our stay.
We left Saturday morning instead of Friday afternoon, as it was to be a nearly 7 hour drive, including a few rest stops. 
Even though we had a large site, it was mostly unusable due to the steep banks. But like I said, the campground was sprawled across the top of a hill.
We spent the rest of the afternoon pouring over the park maps, deciding what to see first and so on.
The park has 6 distinctive areas. On Sunday, we ended up hiking the following....
Old Man's Cave,
Ash Cave,
Cedar Falls,
and Conkles Hollow.
We would have liked to have seen the other 2, but that was all we could muster hiking for one day, and it rained the most part of Monday. But we saw a lot, and it was really cool.
Here's just a few of the many pics we took.

And of course, it looks much more impressive in person than in pics.
And if you want to see the rest, they're over here, of course.
And being out in the "wilderness" there was no wi-fi or even cell phone service. And I think we were able to pic up only 2-3 TV stations. But we did just fine disconnected from the world. I had my laptop, Craig had his tablet and we had DVDs.  :-)
It was a very enjoyable trip. I wish we would have taken an extra day to see more.
Hocking Hills is one of Ohio's most popular parks and it was easy to see why. So much rugged beauty.
Unfortunately, the trip didn't end well as you know from my previous post. I don't know if all the steep hills were a factor, but we'll deal with it and move on. Hopefully, we won't have to alter any upcoming trips, but until I hear from the repair shop, I won't know.
And now back to work for a short week since we took Wednesday off, but its going to be crazy busy!


  1. Lovely pictures all!
    We have our trailer in for some maintenance and we're waiting to hear back, too.
    Be careful! The weather is not looking good headed for you.