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Friday, June 28, 2013

mo-ho update and more yard pics

Good morning.
It's been another busy week in the Salon, and today is another one. We have Saturday off, due to a planned trip, but we had to cancel it because of the mo-ho, but was too late to open it up to bookings, so we decided since we couldn't go anywhere, we'd still take the day off. We did open up next Wed. and that day has filled up.
I finally heard from the Ford dealer about the mo-ho, and it was nearly finished yesterday. He said the have installed the transmission, and today they'll re-install the drive shaft, take it for a test run, and if all is good, call me this afternoon to say it's ready for pick-up, which we'll do Saturday, so I guess it's good we decided to take the day off.
And now, time to get ready for work, but here's a few more yard pics.....
A creek that runs along the lot line on the west side of the property. I've spent years hauling in rocks to build this nice dam and rapids.  The creek doesn't go in a straight line from front of the property to back, and during a very rainy June many years ago, a 6x12 ft section of the bank, (part of my yard) washed away. So I've spend a lot of time hauling in broken concrete and rocks to reinforce that area and slow down the water flow and thus slowing down the erosion. There's approximately an 8 ft drop from the front of the yard to the back, and the creek has dug several ft deeper over the 28 years we've lived here. But my little dam and rapids has helped a lot!
In the front yard, over toward the side I have a large planting area fronted with Stella D'oro day-lilies which are just coming into full bloom. And yes, that's a nice grouping of milkweed just behind and to the right of the ornamental grass. I didn't plant them, but a few years ago, tore out an unwanted shrub there, and a few popped up there the next spring, so I left them for the Monarch butterflies and each year, they've filled in more. It now looks like a real nice group of plants. And as you know, Monarchs only lay their eggs on Milkweed plants, so I'm helping to propagate the species.   :-)
And some more ornamental grasses around the front tree and at the ends of the driveway.
Now I'm off to get ready for work....


  1. I love what you did with that little creek, Wayne.
    Enjoy your weekend!