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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

weekend update

Good morning.
It was a fairly nice weekend, although not much was accomplished.
We've had unpredictable weather systems, that have threatened rain every day, and will continue throughout the rest of this week.  I have managed to do more weeding and deadheading, and the yard is looking nice.
I lost my internet Friday after I came home from work, and after an hour of tech support, they decided to send someone out first thing Monday.
Why does everything happen on a Friday afternoon and then have to wait until Monday to get it resolved?
Anyway, for some reason, it came back Friday evening, worked all weekend, so I cancelled the call.
Craig has been a real trooped concerning his diet and lifestyle since he got the news he's pre-diabetic. He's eating several small meals a day instead of his mainly big one at dinner. And 4-5 times a week, he's either exercising to videos I downloaded or taking brisk 20 minute walks when weather permits. He's even cut back on his evening cocktails. 
Oh, and if your looking for some easy low impact cardio exercises, HASfit is the place to look.
His other doctor was just letting him slide. All she wanted was the money from his every 2 months visit.
Even with Craig's sugar issue, his new doctor has ordered tests for 5 weeks, and if the results are good, doesn't need to see him for 3 months.
In other news......
No mo-ho update. Haven't heard from the dealer yet this week. Maybe today or tomorrow. Doesn't really matter, we have no trips scheduled until August now.  :-(
I just want the mo-ho back here so I can work on him. He needs waxing and I need to get on the roof and check all the caulking. And I just miss him.
And now, time for another busy work week, but first, I leave you with a few more yard pics.....

Various Hostas around the yard.

1 comment:

  1. I saw your post title and thought it said 'weekend upstate'. So I thought perhaps you guys drove on a trip. ;-)
    Your yard looks great. Sounds like Craig is on the right track with the new doctor. Good luck to him!

    You all have a wonderful week. ♥