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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

house repairs and flowers

Good morning.
 Well, Monday was mostly a wash-out. Scattered rain off and on. We did manage to get our power walk in and our usual grocery, bank and post office run done.
I also measured the trim for the patio door, and we had extra trim lying around, so in the garage, I cut and stained the boards.
Tuesday was very nice with mostly sun and 80's although very humid, and it did rain around dinner time. We got another walk in and back home I ripped out the old trim on the patio door, installed the new trim and caulked it.

 As you can see, the color doesn't match the existing. Obviously it's faded over the years, so that will be another weekend project. I also polished the mo-ho wheels, and did a bunch of weeding and trimming.
Here's just a few pics of the day lilies that have started to bloom.

I must have over 50 varieties. I'll try not to bore you by posting all of them.   ;-)
For dinner, it was chicken thighs on the grill with grill roasted veggies, (onions, mushrooms, red pepper, and summer squash) and a side of long grain wild rice. Managed to get it done and in the house before the rain started.
And again, another work week. It's looking real busy this week with an extra long day on Thursday, as I have a 7:45 dental cleaning appointment before work.
Also, it looks like our rainy weather is finally going to end for a while. It's forecast for sun for the next 5 days! Hopefully, I'll get the driveway sealed this next weekend, finally.  Since our RV trips have taken a hit due to that unexpected expensive repair, at least we're getting some extra stuff done around the house.
Now time to get going.

1 comment:

  1. I want to see pics of them all. :-)
    I had one like your 4th one when we lived in NC.
    I think the trim replacement looks really good!
    You have good luck when you grill. I usually get rained on. ;-)
    Have a great week, Wayne!