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Monday, July 08, 2013

the weekend

Good morning.
We finally had a nice day Sunday. Partly sunny and dry. I took full advantage of it. After cleaning the Salon, I got Craig up, had coffee and breakfast, read the paper, and went for our little power walk.
Back home, I washed the mo-ho in preparation for some waxing, and after Craig finished up his paper work, we mowed the yard.
I did manage to get the passenger side waxed. I hope to do some of the other side today, but first thing this morning, I have to take Kia in for a brake light switch recall. I scheduled it for first thing this morning, so I hope to get in and out fairly quick. We'll see.
We also have to replace a couple of trim boards around the sliding patio door. The corner is rotting.

It's nearly impossible to keep the eave troughs cleaned out from the constant dropping of tiny leaves from our 2 really old Chinese Elms. and they are constantly overflowing and drenching that area.
I do have a couple more trim boards and we still have the original paint from when we first put the door in nearly 27 years ago. I got the paint out to see if it was still good. Well the cover of the can wasn't, as while I was trying to pull it open, the metal was visible rusted and separating. I had to use tin snips to finish, but was surprised to see, after a good stirring, the stain still looked good!
Unfortunately, stirring it apparently cracked open the rusted bottom as stain started pouring out from underneath the can onto the counter! I quickly got an empty 5 gal bucket, and slid the can into it. I was able to wipe up the counter, and none dripped onto the floor. Apparently, 27 years is a little to long to save old paint cans.   :-)
Anyway, we'll do that project today, if the rain holds off. There's a 50% chance today, and the radar shows it widespread thru out the state. So, we'll see.
Now, with the Kia dealer on the complete opposite side of town from where I live, time to go.


  1. Apparently the can got wet.
    Good that you could save some of the stain though!
    Have you thought about putting some sort of awning over the door to change where the water hits when it overflows the gutter?

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. You really got lucky with that paint can. It sounds like a near tragedy was avoided!