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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

a good camping trip

Good morning.
Well, to update you on our last weekend, We went to Indiana Dunes State Park.
Happy to say, we got there safe, and returned home safe, and no surprises.   :-)
We arrived during the threat of afternoon showers, but stayed dry and was able to get all set up and just in time as the sky opened up and let loose. We sat inside with cocktails watching as fellow campers arrived and set up in  the pouring rain. It actually rained pretty much all evening and into the night. Happy we weren't in a tent.   ;-)
The rain ended by morning, and we went for a little coffee walk. ate our breakfast, and got in  the car and headed into the big city of Chicago.
We avoided Millennium Park as this was the weekend for Lollapalooza. A giant music festival with 9 stages and over 300 bands. There wasn't even a chance to get tickets, as it had been sold out for weeks earlier. But that was okay, as there's always a lot to do in Chicago.   :-)
We did a little window shopping, sightseeing, and as usual, ended up out at Navy Pier, where we enjoyed some time in the beer garden listening to what sounded kind of like a Yiddish rock band.
It was fun.
Back at the campground, we fixed turkey kielbasas for dinner. 
Sunday morning, after our walk and breakfast, we headed into Michigan City for a little fun at the Blue Chip Casino, where as seems to be the plan, I ended up $30, but Craig ended down $40. I really should just leave him at the campground.   :-)
Then we went over to the big outlet mall, where Craig, with a 40% off coupon, got himself some good walking tennies.
Back at the campground, we had a light lunch, and then headed over to the beach for some sun and people watching. It was a mild sunny day, and the beach was fairly crowded. We strolled along the pavilion taking in the sun and sights. Near the one end of the pavilion there was a large family grilling some real good smelling food. It looked like thin cuts of some type of beef pounded and marinated. They also heated on the grill small tortillas and wrapped the meat in  them and ate them. They smelled delish!
So we headed back to the campground to cook our chicken thighs on the grill to eat with a pasta salad we'd bought on the way back to the campground.
Monday morning, we packed up and arrived back in Lansing. It was a very good trip!
Tuesday, we did our usual Monday running, mowed the yard, and I deadheaded flowers and weeded.
Now, it's back to work for a busy week.
And here's a few summer garden pics.

Two types of Rudbeckia. One with a green cone and the familiar Black Eyed Susan. The green cone ones get 6ft tall.

And the flowers keep coming on the water lilies.
And now, time to get going.

1 comment:

  1. I guess you've been gardening long enough that you know the difference between flowers and weeds when they are first coming up.

    I tend to end up pulling up the plants with the weeds. :-|

    Garden looks great, Wayne. You guys have a good week! :-)