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Monday, August 05, 2013

And he aces his test!

Good afternoon.
Yes, my absence means we were on a trip!
Our first since the expensive transmission episode.
But more on that latter.
Here I want to share Craig's test results.
We received them last Friday, as we were getting ready to leave on our trip, and with no wi-fi at our campground, had to wait to post until we got back.
Anyway. As you know, Craig was considered pre-diabetic, and had to make a few changes to avoid becoming diabetic.
He was a trooper, and his results show it...
Before his dietary and lifestyle changes, here's what his results were....
As you can see, every one of these test results were higher than the normal range.
He didn't call for a regular glucose reading as these results are a better indicator of diabetes.
After just 5 weeks of dedicated effort, here's his latest readings.....
He dropped all his scores by about half!
Not only did he bring his readings back into the normal range, he brought most of them back w-a-y normal!
I was very proud of his effort, and he was quite surprised he was able to drop the scores as much as he did. Now, no more pre-diabetic. He can probably even slide a bit and still be okay, although he says he wants to continue with his changes. I hope he does.   :-)
So, I wanted to share the good news, and I'll report on our trip, hopefully tomorrow.


  1. Congratulations, Craig!

    You guys enjoy the rest of your weekend. :-)