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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

a Craig update.

Good morning.
I write this as Craig is sleeping. He's been sleeping about 12 hours a day since he came home. Probably good, as he didn't get much in the hospital for 4 days, and with less movement, the ribs can heal quicker, hopefully.
I've made a few adjustments to our home. First off was a riser for the toilet. Second, a bigger table by his recliner to hold his water, cell phone, tablet, TV remote, booster meds, and a towel for when I'm out and about. He needs the towel as the Oxycontin he's on for pain has a possible side effect that causes sweating, and he's got that. I'm washing sheets and mattress pad every day.  :-\
The last adjustment is by the bed. To help him in and out, I took a shirt and pant rack he had in the corner of the room, and wedged it under the bed and night stand. He can now grab the bar to pull him into an upright position to get out of bed.
So just a few little things to make it easier on him.
As of yesterday, he can get in and out of bed by himself. Go to the bathroom by his self, get in and out of his recliner, and take a shower.
He still needs help drying and getting dressed, as he is unable to bend enough to do that. I've moved my morning appointments at the Salon later, so I can help him with that before I go.
Today, I'm concentrating on making sure he will be able to be by himself for the day, as I'm completely booked Wed. and will be gone about 9 hours.We'll be doing a run through today.
He'll have oatmeal and a banana for breakfast, and I put the milk on a lower shelf in the fridge, and the oatmeal on the counter. For lunch, I'll make him a sandwich  before I go to work and stick that in the fridge with some yogurt . Dinner will be left over casseroles I made from Sunday and Monday and ready and in the fridge and he'll just need to microwave them. I told him to put the dishes in the sink so he won't have to bend to get them in the dishwasher. I'll also have plates on the counter so he won't have to reach for those either.
I'm so glad he came home Saturday, so we have these few days to work out any issues. I think he'll do okay.
He also has a doctors appointment this afternoon with his primary care doctor. The hospital doctor gave him Oxycontin to take for 7 days. After that, he'll probably still need something, and his family doctor will prescribe that. I know it won't be more Oxycontin as they want you off that as soon as possible. But pain level has been managed well so far, with him not taking many of the booster pain meds they also gave him. Besides the Oxycontin 20mg he takes twice a day, they gave him Oxycodone 5mg he can take every 4 hours and 3-6 pills. He only took 3 pills yesterday morning. So hopefully by Saturday, he'll be able to switch to something not as powerful.
And thanks for the comments, flowers, cards, phone calls and e-mail well wishes. Craig appreciates them all.
Now time for me to go.....


  1. Hi Wayne and Craig, we're sending get-well wishes for a quick recovery!

  2. I hope he takes it easy and is a good patient for ya.

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