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Thursday, November 07, 2013

termite update....and a Craig one too

Good morning.
Rose Pest Solutions came out yesterday to check the bait traps again, and this time found just 2 with termite activity.  We had 4 last time. He said most likely, the termite nest has shrunk due to the feeding, and there's probably not as many foragers available to feed. The other unusual thing I noticed, was one of the active bait stations was on the west side of the house below a bedroom window where we had indoor active termite activity earlier. The other bait station was near the south east side of the house. That's got to be nearly 40 feet from the other and there is 3 other bait stations in between. He said, "that's termites".  They will travel up to 350 ft looking for food. And that's why they couldn't guarantee  when they would find the bait stations. The termites randomly forage for food, and they 'stumble' on the bait stations. That's why, even though we only had visible activity on one side of the house, they put stations all the way around it.
In Craig news......
He continues his slow healing. He is able to get in and out of his chair easier, and the same with the bed. he also has been able to tend for himself, so I'm not as anxious going to work and leaving him. He still sleeps a lot, but that's probably a combination of the body trying to heal, and the side effects of the Oxycontin he's on for a couple more days. On Saturday, he's being switched to Norco. It's very similar to Vicodin, but contains less Acetaminophen than Vicodin. Still a strong pain reliever. He'll have a 2 week supply, and by the end of that, should be able to get by on over the counter stuff if needed.
And with that, time for me to get to work.
Someone needs to make some money.   :-)


  1. davidz10:52 AM

    Good news on both fronts! Continuing my prayers for Craig's full recovery.

  2. I agree. Great to hear all around! You guys have a good weekend!

  3. GOOD NEWS :) Glad to hear things are on an up swing.

  4. Maybe he could blog in your absence....

  5. “…the termite nest has shrunk due to the feeding…” - This is good news! Just a little more traps and you’re home will be termite-free soon. Just the thought of it is exciting. Good thing you decided to ask for a profes-sional’s help. How’s the progress by the way? And also, I hope Craig is feeling better now.

    Sandra @ Times Up Termite, Inc.