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Friday, November 22, 2013

Home sweet home

Good morning.
And a good one it is because we are back in the house.   :-)
They got the power back on Thursday, and after work, I brought all our stuff back into the house.
I'm hoping to get the mo-ho re-winterized after work today, as the temps are expected to plummet this weekend into the teens. Today is suppose to be 44 with scattered showers. Tomorrow, just a high of 26.
I'm happy we had the mo-ho to use while the power was out. We managed just fine. Although we discovered living in the mo-ho is a lot different than taking weekend trips in it. You need a lot more 'stuff' when your living and working than when 'camping'.   :-)
This weekend will be catching up. Craig has 2 weeks of laundry, and I have to repack all the mo-ho stuff.
Work had also been busy, and today and tomorrow are booked.
Craig continues to improve. He's now sleeping all night in bed instead of part bed and part recliner. He's also off his prescription meds, taking just aspirin when needed.
And with that, time to get going.

1 comment:

  1. That's great to hear about Craig.
    Yep, you need a lot more stuff when you're living in it. We did okay for the 7 to 9 months that we lived in ours. :-)
    Have a great weekend!