Monday, November 25, 2013

weekend update

Good morning.
It's been bitter cold out the last couple of days.
It's currently only 20 out this morning. Going for a high of just 33.  :-\
I did managed to get the mo-ho winterized, again, Friday after work. It was cold, but near 40. I bundled up, got it done.  :-)
I also managed to get the snow tires on the Kia. 
I'm taking the mo-ho in this morning for an oil change and generator service like I do at the end of every year.
And it's been a productive weekend so far. I got the Salon cleaned, all the laundry caught up, all the mo-ho stuff repacked away, and Craig got caught up on his bookkeeping.  With the windy cold crappy weather, I stayed inside and cleaned and took out screens. With the long dreary winter we have, we need as much light coming in as possible.  :-)
 Craig continues his very slow recovery. Because they can't 'set' the ribs like they do for other broken bones, they just have to heal on their own. I think that would mean taking longer to heal. And I think Craig is trying to do to much to soon. I'm constantly telling him to take it easy, or let me do it.
He's just impatient.  :-)
And so, time to go.

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