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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

mo-ho update and computer repair

Good morning.
The unseasonably cold weather continues with the temp this morning only 19 and a high projected to be 26. We should be 40 this time of year.  :-\
We did pick up the mo-ho yesterday after they changed the oil and serviced the generator and drove it out to Flying J to top off the gas and propane. Like to keep them full in case we need it during the winter like we did last week.
We used 8lbs of propane and about 9 gallons of gas while we used the mo-ho when our home had no electricity. That translates into about $18 a day to stay in the mo-ho until our power was restored. A lot cheaper than staying in a hotel, and a lot less gas and propane than I thought we would use given how cold it was and how much we ran the generator.
In other news......

On Monday, I went out to a customers house to see if I could help with a puter issue. I've had no puter training myself, but people think I'm some sort of expert. I think I've just been damn lucky. And this time I was again. He was having problems loading windows. I tried to turn on the puter, and got no farther than the starting windows screen. There it just froze. So I did a hard shutdown, and restarted it in safe mode. There, I was able to determine the computer had lost the hard drive.
I was able to run a diagnostic, and it appeared to fix the problem. I restarted the puter, and it went all the way to the desktop. But there, things went really crazy. Little windows started popping up from the task bar saying all these different files were lost. There were dozens of them. I thought, "this doesn't look good at all!" So I did another hard shutdown. I thought I'd take the cover off the tower and check inside. Sometimes, if the insides get to dusty, it can over heat and cause odd issues. I took off the cover to find it not too bad. Probably wasn't that. I checked all the different connections and discovered the one from the motherboard to the hard drive was loose. I pushed it back on tight and restarted the puter. That was it! It came on and loaded perfectly normal. I ran a couple of diagnostics and everything was running smooth. I asked him how often he backs up.

He didn't even know what I meant. Sooo, I showed him how to easily and quickly he can back up all his important docs and pics, and told him to do this twice a year, so if his puter ever crashes and is lost for good, he'll have all his stuff to put on a new one.
So, I got lucky again with computer repair.   :-)
Back to Tuesday, with the bitter cold, I stayed indoors, cleaned, did laundry, and finished repacking all the mo-ho stuff away.
Trying to keep Craig relaxing, I fixed us a tasty dinner.
Yes, I really can cook if I need to.   :-)
Spicy-sweet pork cutlets with honey glazed carrots, steamed broccoli and wild rice. Made enough for leftovers for Wed.
And with that, time to get ready for a very busy day at the Salon, as we are closed tomorrow for Thanksgiving.


  1. Looks like a great meal, Wayne. We wanted to use our trailer during this cold spell, but found the heater won't light, even though the stove and hot water heater do.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I love Carbonite. It backs up my computer constantly.