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Friday, November 29, 2013

no lights

Good morning.
Happy post Thanksgiving!
I'll try and get this  post done before my dsl goes out again.
Been having issues with either the modem or the service. I'll have internet, then all of a sudden a page won't load, and I look to see the dsl and internet light out. At first I thought it was the connection, so I'd re-power the modem. I have since found out that it'll go out, and come back at some point all by itself. Sometimes I'm off line 10 minutes, sometimes over an hour.  Anyway, I've got a tech coming out this afternoon after work. Yes we are working today and tomorrow. And I'm booked both days.
Now back to Thanksgiving....
We had a nice quiet day at home with a usual delicious turkey dinner. Watched some of the parades, and some football. I did most of the dinner myself, as I'm trying to let Craig take it easy as much as possible.
I went in to the Salon, as usual, Thanksgiving morning to decorate the Salon for Christmas.
 Blew 2 fuses on the lights putting them on the tree. Soon found out, I had no fuses left.  :-(
I ran over to Meijer, and they didn't have the ones I needed so I ran over to Walmart, and the same there. Being Thanksgiving and no other stores open, I went back to the Salon and finished decorating the tree. I went online when I got home and bought a 12 pack of fuses on E-Bay, but they won't arrive until Tuesday. I'll stop at an auto parts store on the way to work this morning, hoping they might have a fuse that fits. If not, the tree will have to go light less for a few days.   :-\
Better the tree than my house, right?  :-)
 Does anyone know where to get a 125v 5a fuse? It's 3/4 on an inch long.

So now, I'm off to work!
And for those lucky enough to have a long weekend,
Have a great weekend!


  1. True Value Hardware or Ace Hardware? Any local hardware store, I think. Possibly a local light or electrical parts type store. And yes, an auto parts store may have them. Sorry I can't be more help.
    Hope Craig is still doing well.
    Enjoy your weekend when you get it!

  2. That must have been aggravating. I hate some of the new led lights where when one burns out they all do???? what's that all about. My grandmother had lights like that.
    I hope you found your fuses and all is well.