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Saturday, December 28, 2013

A slow recovery

Good morning.
The salon has been fairly busy, although we've had a few cancellations as people without power have moved into friends and relatives homes out of the area.
The area is slowly recovering from the worst ice storm for mid-Michigan in 126 years.
Nearly 600,000 people were affected, and as of this morning, a full week later, there are still nearly 25,000 still without power.
The following pics that I got from local news websites shows the reason....

These scenes were repeated all over the area. Nearly every neighborhood street was affected, especially the areas with older larger trees.

This is a map of the hardest hit areas. Lansing was right smack in the middle.  :-(
But as of yesterday, all the traffic lights were back on and life was starting to return to some normalcy.
Now, the task of cleaning up mountains of fallen branches and trees. We've yet to call and get an estimate for our yard. Probably will do that next week. We were going to let the debris lay until spring, But I can't stand looking at it any more. A lot of the branches are to large for me to handle, and Craig, in his current condition, I won't let help at all.
So anyway, time to get to work for another vary busy day.


  1. Hey Guys,
    Sorry to see all of the ice storm damage. We had a very similar event in Memphis in 1994. Everything was a mess. We didn't lose electricity but many of our friends didn't have it for over two weeks.
    You will hear chainsaws from now until summer. Memphis had really old gorgeous trees ruined but life moves on.

    Take care, stay warm,
    Mark and Craig in TN

  2. Mom said you were having a heat wave today. Did it melt the ice, and will it dry before the next freeze?
    Hope you have a safe trip tomorrow if you go to see her.
    Stay warm!