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Monday, December 30, 2013

the clean-up begins

Good morning.
Friday and Saturday, we had a mini heat wave with temps soaring into the mid to upper 30's. That melted all the ice on the trees.
I had planned on letting all the fallen branches lay until we found someone to remove them, but with so many people with fallen limbs and branches, all the tree services are charging premium prices.
So, I decided I'll just take my time and clean up the mess the best I can.
I came home Saturday after work, and with the temps around 40, started to work on the front yard.

I managed to put a dent on the massive piles of branches. I hauled them to the far back of the back yard where, when weather permits, I'll start to burn them up.
For the moment, the rest will have to stay put, as temps today and the rest of the week are forecast to hover around 16 for highs. That's too damn cold for me to work outside. Besides, I have a-l-l winter to work on this mess.
Sunday, we went to Muskegon to see my Mom for a delayed Christmas. Her apartment is pretty much redone, and it looks very nice. She has a new kitchen, including cupboards, counters and floor. A new bathroom sink and toilet. New furnace and air-conditioner, new carpet throughout, and fresh paint.
Took her to Red Lobster for lunch where she had Tilapia, I had the New Orleans Salmon, and Craig had the Sirloin with Blue Cheese sauce. Everything was very good. Then we went to the VFW for drinks and pull-tabs. Later, we got her some groceries and got her back to her apartment.
Made it back to Lansing, just as freezing rain started to fall.
Today is our usual banking, and shopping.
That's all for now.....

1 comment:

  1. I was sorry to hear about the freezing rain, but glad to hear you made it home ahead of the weather.
    Stay safe and warm!