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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Internet back, yummy food, and a Craig update

Good morning.
Yesterday was nasty! Cold, wet and windy. Thankfully, I got most of the outdoor stuff done Sunday and Monday. Monday, I changed the oil in the mowers, flushed the gutters, turned off the outside faucets, and put away the hoses.
We are ready for winter.  :-\
Yesterday, with the nasty weather, I turned the furnace on in the mo-ho, and gave it a final good cleaning.
I also spread mothballs around the mo-ho tires, supposedly to keep the mice away. It didn't work last year as we got mice in the mo-ho twice, but Craig wanted me to, so it's just easier to do it instead of arguing.  :-)
This time of year, we start making comfort food, and Monday was Ravioli Lasagna.
Yesterday, Craig made Mexican Pizza. Yummy, yummy stuff!
And I have internet again! The tech came out and discovered there was a problem in the line, soooo it ended up being in their equipment, not my modem.
It's probably good he had to come back out. When he checked the line Friday, it was fine. But over the weekend, my connection got progressively worst. And I got lucky in that while he was here, my connection went out and he was able to see it was the line, not my modem. It's like when you take a car in for a 'noise'. Unless it does it in the shop, they can't tell what's wrong. It was like that with my internet connection. At first, I only lost the connection once in a while. But by Monday, it was out more than on. So it was easier to diagnose the problem. Anyway, now everything is working just as it should.   :-)
A Craig update.....
It's now been 5 weeks since the accident, and Craig continues the very slow healing. He's getting around very well, and his range of motion slowly improves. We put most of the home back to it's former set-up as he is maneuvering much better. He's back to work full time, but is keeping some space between customers to rest. And he's also completely off all pain medication, taking aspirin on occasion when needed.
Now it's time for another work week.

1 comment:

  1. If Craig is cooking, he must be feeling better. Glad to hear it.
    Have a good work week. Glad your internet is working good again. :-)