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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

one week until Christmas

Good morning.
It's was  a cold snowy weekend. I cleared the driveway nearly each day and went in to the Salon to damp-mop the floors. We've got about 6-7 inches on the ground.
Craig was a wreck all weekend. He normally gets our health insurance bill around the 7-8th of the month. As of Saturday the 14th, he still hadn't received it. So he fretted all weekend that we were probably cancelled like so many others have been. I told him that was nonsense  because we hadn't received any cancellation notice.  And his hospital stay and related bills would still be covered from the current policy. But he fretted anyway. That's what Craig does. So first thing Monday morning, I called Michigan Retailers, where we get our policies through, and sure enough, they were being sent out late, due some end of year issue. We weren't cancelled. Craig was relieved.
So far, he's received statements from Blue Cross that they have been billed for nearly $34,000.00.
For just 4 days in the hospital! $34,000.00!
And because we do have insurance, the providers accepted payments totaling  about $17,000.00. Out of that, Craig owes his deductible and co-pay of $4000.00. But that's better than $17,000.00!
It just goes to show how one supposedly little accident,  could put you in the poor house if you don't have insurance.
Anyway, we still have health insurance, and the next job will be finding a different insurer for our cars and home. When we got our current policies from Auto Owners, we ended up saving quite a bit if Craig also got a life insurance policy. It cost $100 a year, but we more than made up the savings with multiple discounts. So, here it is, 5 years later, and the life insurance policy is jumping to $500 a year. I think it's time to look around.  Between 3 cars, a mo-ho, house, and umbrella policy, it's quite a chunk of change. I think we can do better. Especially, since it'll be 3 years Jan 4th, since my at-fault accident. Most insurers only go back 3 years, so as long as we have it start in Feb. we should be good.
Now, time for another busy week in the Salon. It's only one week until Christmas!


  1. Be safe and stay warm!

  2. My partner and I had accounts with Motorist Mutual and got discounts because we insured our vehicles, home, and RV with them. Now it is just me. Very nice company with very reasonable rates. I use to work in a hospital setting. Hospitals inflate their rates because they know that the insurance companies that they network with, pay a lessor rate, what they call reasonable costs. This is industry wide. It will likely cost you $1000 just to walk into an emergency room, that's why the encourage people to use the urgent care centers.