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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

another weekend over, and one week closer to spring.

Good morning.
Well, the bitter cold is back as the highs for the week are forecast to stay in the low teens.  :-\
Booked another camping trip for the summer, and we now have 4 booked, and 3 more planned.
Also yesterday, I got my shingles shot. Was pleased to find out, that is one of the preventative immunizations now covered under the ACA. Saved me $220.00.  :-)
We also used one of our Christmas gift cards for lunch at a newer restaurant called Capitol Prime.
A little higher end then we usually go for, which is why we did lunch instead of dinner.   ;-)
I had the Marinated Grilled Salmon on Focaccia, and Craig had the Sliced Tenderloin Sicilian on a baguette. They were delicious! And not as expensive as I thought it would be.
We've got the front tree scheduled to come down by the end of next week. Then, when we can move the mo-ho, we'll schedule the back tree. We need the front tree out first, as there is a large branch that extends over the middle of the driveway, and the end is broke, but dangling. The is little danger of it hitting a car, because the car is parked up near the garage, but the mo-ho would be right under it.
Now time for another work week.

1 comment:

  1. I told Mom I was thinking of getting my Shingles shot and she said "Oh. I never got one and I've had chicken pox. To each their own."
    Wish I knew if there were other factors to consider, because I'd rather not get one.
    Drive careful! *hugs*