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Friday, January 31, 2014

Could you please speak clear English?

Good morning from the icy, frozen north.
We actually went above 20 yesterday, but we're going back into the deep cold as another snow storm is headed our way.  :-\
I've spent a good part of this week, dealing with an online billing issue.
I book all of our camping trips online. I buy a lot of things online. Soooo, I go online about once a week, just to check my charge card statement to make sure everything is okay.Usually on Sunday.
Well, I was going over the postings, and noticed I'd been charged for 4 Michigan campgrounds. I thought, have I booked 4? I pulled out my pocket calendar where I write down all our camping trips, and besides the campgrounds I booked in Indiana and Ohio, I could only find 3. I then go online to the campground reservation site, log in and look at my made reservations. Again, only 3. I cross check the dates to find I didn't book anything on Jan 14th, just the 15th.
Soooo, I call the 800 # and speak with someone who sounds like they're from India.  Why can't American companies use people who speak clear English and not people who speak heavily accented English. Very frustrating. Anyway, after putting me on hold several times, she comes back to tell me a supervisor would look it over and get back with me before the end of the day.
Of course, they didn't. Soooo the next day, I call and go through all this again! This time I get transferred to a supervisor right away. Her name.....Shruti Jha. More heavily accented English. Nice....
So she goes through and decides I need to fax her a copy of the charges, and she will look into it. I do.
The next day, I arrive home from work to find a message on my answering machine from her saying it was being sent to tech support and started to give me a ticket number when my machine cut her off.
So I e-mailed her and asked for her to e-mail it to me, and when could I expect a response from tech support. She e-mails me back with the number and says to call if i don't hear from them in 5-7 days. I'm thinking 5-7? Why should it take that long? But I had time, since my statement had just closed and I hadn't even received the billing yet.
The next day, i get home from work to find another message on my answering machine from her saying they credited my card for the extra charge. I still don't know how it happened, but like I keep telling people, keep a close eye on your charge cards, and make sure every charge is legit. I could have easily over looked that extra charge, since I've been making quite a few campground reservation. Craig said if I missed it he would have caught it when the bill came, because he writes very charge I make on a board on the fridge he cross checks with.
So that's good, a double check.  :-)
Now with that over, on to the rest of my work week. It's been on the slow side, which is normal for this time of year. I'm completely booked Saturday, but that's when the next snow storm is forecast, so we'll see how it goes.
Stay warm and have a great weekend!


  1. Be safe. Hope the storm is not a bad one!

  2. We don't get to see your other purchases to Victoria Secret, and Ron's sex toy depot?