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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

and down she came

Good morning from the great white frozen north.
Haven't posted lately, same old thing around here. Cold, snowy, and b-o-r-i-n-g.
We did have an interesting day yesterday.
The tree company showed up to take down the front tree.

Truck with a 50 ft boom.

Taking down the tree, bit by bit. He literally used a chain saw and cut off the remaining branches, then cut off 2-3 ft pieces until there was only the main trunk left.
Then cut on down the trunk until there was just this big  stump left, which he cut off near the ground.

They had the entire tree down in about 2 hours.
Hauled away all the smaller logs, and will be back this morning to clear out the rest. The stump will be ground down when the snow melts. The back tree will wait until I can move the mo-ho so they can get into the back yard with that truck. Right now, there's 2 ft of snow blocking it in.
The front yard sure looks empty without it, but it was a love hate relationship the entire 28 years we've lived here. I don't know if we'll replace it or not. I guess we'll wait until spring when everything leafs out and decide then.
In other news......
I've been going in to the Salon nearly every morning to damp mop the floors. It's been snowing nearly every other day. We got 33 inches in January, about 10 more than normal. We've already received 4 inches this month, and today's only the 4th. Forecast is for another 3-4 tonight. So far this winter, we've received a total of 45 inches of snow. Our entire winter avg is 51. It's been a l-o-n-g winter already,  and we still have Feb. and Mar. to go.  :-(
So right now, it's work, shovel, mop, and sleep.
I'll post again when have something of interest.

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