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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

all gone

Good morning.
I know, 2 posts in 2 days.
I've just returned from clearing the driveway............again......
About 3 inches fell over night. Light fluffy stuff so easy to clear. Still snowing. Will probably need to clear the driveway again when I get home from work.
Yesterday, the tree company came back to finish the job.
Chipping all the branches they had piled on the side of the driveway.
Using the boom to lift the really large sections into the truck.

Loading the rest into the other pick-up.
And nothing left but the stump, which they will come back to grind down in the spring.
Our house seems so exposed now. I know it's silly, but even though the tree didn't 'block' the view, having it gone seems to bring the house closer to the street.
It's bothering Craig more than me, but everyone knows, I'm easy going, very adaptable, what happens happens, and Craig resists change.
Now time for another work week, which is looking pretty busy.


  1. Maybe it's time for some fast growing bushes or grasses then...
    We may get a THIRD snow tonight; but if we do, it won't be more than an inch. I feel for you.
    Have a good week and be safe!

  2. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Great pics. Now, you know you have to plant You all have beautiful evergreens in your region..... MikeInDallas